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About us
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At Eggyi, we’re all in for customisations. We are confident to create stunning PR gifts and festive gifts for your staff that will definitely “WOW” them.


For corporate orders, please contact our sales team directly. Click here sales 1 / sales 2

Corporate orders
Fully customisable!

Favourite band group? We’ve gotchu!

Favourite TV series? We’ve got that too!

Favourite character, sport, art piece, colour…?

YES, we’ve got all of you.


Eggyi will be your fairy-cake-godmother and make your dream cake come true!


For customised cakes, click here!

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For any occasion!

Birthdays, anniversary, graduations and more! We are able to create adorable cake gifts for you and your loved ones! We’ll make sure that they’re totally Instagram worthy *wink wink*

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