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  • What will be your cake size and serving ?
    Size: Bento/petite cakes: 1-3 pax Round bento (4 inch) Square bento (5.5 inch) Heart bento (3.5 inch) Customised cakes: 5 inch – good for 5-6 pax 6 inch – good for 6-8 pax
  • What are your cake flavours and fillings?
    We use sponge cake and fresh cream fillings for our cakes, strawberry fresh cream will be flavoured with strawberry jam. Fresh cream filling = cream in between cake layers. Cake - Vanilla / chocolate Fresh cream filling - Vanilla / chocolate / strawberry / cookies n' cream
  • Are you Halal Certified ?
    We are not halal certified :( However, all ingredients used for our bakes are halal certified. Tools and equipment used are exclusively used for baking and cake decorating only. Liquor bottles may be used as décor.
  • How do I keep my cake in storage ?
    Our cakes will not "melt", but it should be kept away from direct heat/sun at all times. Storage: Air-conditioned environment: 4-6hrs (should be consumed within the same day) Fridge/chiller: 3-4 days (Do not thaw, and chill your cake multiple times. Cake will dry out over time) We recommend for our cakes to be consumed within 48 hours for the result of best taste and aesthetic. **fondant will condense or "sweat" when it's stored and removed from the fridge. We will recommend for cakes with fondant figurines/decor to be stored in a cool air-conditioned environment and consumed within the same day.
  • Does my order inclusive of candles and knife ?
    We will provide a simple candle and spork for all bento/petite cakes. For cakes sized 5 inch and above, a simple candle and knife will be provided. Paper plates and other utensils will not be provided. If you’d like to purchase add-ons and other accessories click here.
  • Can you replicate the cake from my original reference?
    At eggyi, all cakes and design are done manually by our artists. Hence, no two cakes will look exactly the same. However, we promise you that our craft will be uphold to the highest standard for all our orders. Your requests will be compiled by our sales team and then given to our bakers and artists. Note: Pictures posted online have been edited and filtered to highlight our craft, cake may look slightly different in real life.
  • Colours and design
    · All colours are mixed with human grade food colouring. They are 100% safe for consumption. However, strong colours might alter the flavour of the buttercream (slightly bitter) and will cause stains. The stains will naturally be gone after a few rounds on rinsing and washing. · All cakes and desserts are done manually by hand. We do not use any machines to produce the cakes. Hence, slight variations are expected and considered as acceptable, especially when size or number of tiers are different. We do not promise a 1-to-1 replica from photo to cake.
  • Supporting pins and wires
    · Supporting pins are often found in cake that requires more support (due to weight of decorations of top of the cake) and tiered cakes. Wooden sticks and straws are often used to support the cake. · Wires are often used to provide structure for figurines. Wires will not be found in cake, but they might be used in figurines that require a lot of structure.
  • Is self-collection available?
    Yes, you are able to self-collect your order from our store between 10am to 6pm daily. We are located at Cakeinspiration, 253 Joo Chiat road, Singapore 427507. · Opening hours may differ on PH (Public Holiday) & PH eve. Kindly contact our sales team for more information. · There are limited parking lots available along the streets of Joo Chiat. The nearest carpark available will be beside Kuan Im Tng Temple (Joo Chiat) (5 mins walk), you may also choose to park along the street near Haig Girls School (2 mins walk) · Nearest MRT: Dakota Take bus 33 from exit A (3 stop) 4 mins walk away from bus stop
  • Standard delivery
    · Standard deliveries will be $15 per residential address. · Delivery will be conducted between 10am-4pm, no fixed slots. · Additional surcharge is applicable for deliveries to non-residential addresses, offshore islands, Tuas, Neo Tiew, malls, hotels, offices and CBD areas. Kindly refer to our special delivery for more information. · Same day standard delivery will be $20 per residential address. Same day order should be made before 11am.
  • Special delivery
    · Special timing - If you require a narrower window for your delivery, we can arrange a 2 hour time frame between : - 10am-4pm at an additional $10 ($25) - 8am-10am, 4pm-9pm at an additional $20 ($35) · Special location – If you require us to send your order to a non-residential address, offshore islands, Tuas, Neo Tiew, malls, hotels, offices and CBD areas, there will be an additional fee of $10. This fee will go into parking and long distance fee. · For further information, feel free to contact our sales team.
  • Changes to delivery
    · In the case where you would like to change your delivery to self-collection, our team should be notified minimum 3 days in advance. Full refund of delivery will be issued. · No refunds will be issued for last minute changes from delivery to self-collection (applicable for last minute orders as well) · Any changes to delivery locations should be made minimum 3 days in advance. For last minute changes, there will be an additional fee of $5 (1-2 days in advance). If there are any changes made to the delivery location on the day of delivery, it will be counted as a new trip. · We engage a third party delivery provider for our cake deliveries. Hence, we are not able to be very flexible with multiple changes to delivery schedules. We hope to seek your understanding.
  • Failed delivery
    · If nobody is at home to receive the cake, our driver will try to contact the recipient to see what arrangements we can make (eg. Leave it by the door, with a neighbour or at the guard house). A photo will be sent to the customer to ensure that the order has been delivered. If the order has to be delivered to a separate location, it will be charged as a new trip. · In the case where the driver is unable to contact the recipient / customer. The cake will be left at the door. If our driver is unable to get to your door (condo), the cake will be disposed. Our drivers will only be able to wait for 10 mins at per location before leaving. No refunds will be issued if the cake is spoilt, damaged or disposed in this scenario. · If there are any unforeseen circumstances (eg. Bad weather, bad traffic), our sales team or driver will update the recipient / customer and send the order as soon as possible. We will not be liable for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Damaged orders upon receive
    · Kindly check the order upon receiving to ensure that the items are correct, you may notify the driver if the cake is damaged or if the order is wrong. He/she will bring the cake back to us. We will try to rectify the issue as soon as possible. · If there are any issues to the aesthetic/flavor of the cake (eg. Wrong design, wrong colour, wrong flavor), kindly contact our sales team within the same day and we will get back to you as soon as possible. · In the case where our driver placed your order at the door, we will send an image to you. If your order is damaged or spoilt due to external matters (eg. Cake spoilt due to hot weather or passerby accidentally topple the cake). We will not be liable in this scenario.
  • Can I change the colour or design to your standard cakes?
    · Yes! We are able to alter the colour or design of our cakes to suit your party better. However, additional surcharge may be applicable to further customisations of our standard cakes. · Kindly contact our sales team for any alterations before completing your order.
  • Can I change my order details after completing my order?
    · For any changes to your order, kindly inform our sales team minimum 7 days before the date of receive. All order alteration is subject for an additional fee of $10. Our team holds all rights on whether to approve the changes requested. · Kindly check your order before confirming the purchase. All amendments should be written in black and white (Whatsapp or email). Amendments will only go through after our sales team has sent a confirmation on the amended order.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Cancellation of orders will not be allowed once full payment has been made. Kindly ensure that all your order details are correct before checking out.
  • Customised cake
    Cancellation and refund Policy for customised cakes · 14 days or more: 50% in cash · 13 days or less: No refunds will be made. However, we are able to postpone the cake order for up to 1 month. · 7 days or less: No refunds will be made, postponing of order will not be allowed as well. · Customised cakes usually require a lot of preparation time in advance, especially when it requires fondant figurine and accessories. Most of the time, customised cakes also require multiple rounds of research and quotations. Hence, we strongly discourage any alterations and cancellations after the order is confirmed.
  • Refund Policy
    · We are so sorry if the cake we have provided is not up to your standards. Kindly contact our sales team if there are any issues with the cake. · The maximum compensation our company can offer is the full cost of the cake/dessert only. · Any request for refunds has to be justified through photos. Kindly stop consuming the cake so that we can retrieve it to do further investigations internally with our team if required. If failed to obliged, there will be no refunds provided. · If there are any issues with the cake, all feedbacks have to be made by the following day, 12.00pm.
  • I have some issues with your website. Can I order directly?
    · Kindly contact our sales team if you are facing any issues with our website. We will be more than happy to assist you!
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